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Pimbena sotck journal sale merino top price

$26,000 Sale topper

PIMBENA was part of a syndicate of semen shareholders who along with John Beasley, Franklin River WA, purchased Wallaloo Park 150245 at their 2016 On Property Sale

Pimbena sotck journal sale merino top price

$51,000 Sale topper

PIMBENA brings home top priced ram at the 2013 Classings Classic.
This year's 130-kilogram topper had shown his growth potential early, with a weaning
weight of 69 kilograms – 20kg more than the average of Glenlea Park's 2012-drops. ... more

pimbena posts stud record

WIDESPREAD buying support for plain-bodied sheep with quality skins pushed Wirrulla Poll Merino stud Pimbena to a stud-record average of $1157 at its on-property ram sale on August 1.

The stud's 2013 average was a $165 improvement on last year's sale. The top price also increased, with two rams getting knocked down at $2800 – $800 up on the 2012 top.
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2019 Calendar
  • Will be attending the EP Merino and Poll Merino Expo at Wudinna on July 8th 2019.
  • Pimbena On Property Sale will be held on 31st July 2019.


Pimbena Poll Merino Stud

Site updated: 22th July 2019

Sale Date:

WEDNESDAY 31st July 2019, 1:30pm on property

>> Click here to download 2019 sale catalogue (PDF)

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Poll Flock Number: #601048
Blood Line:
Founded on Nyowee and Pollville in 1987.
Breeding Ewes:700
OJD Status: First and second injections.
Inspection: By Appointment.

Pimbena Poll Merino Stud is located near Wirrulla in South Australia. Owned and operated by Leslie Hamence, Pimbena is located in a prime cropping area with undulating sandy loam with sand hills and hard flats. The area experiences 300mm annual rainfall.

shearer pimbena john pearson sheep wirrulla

above: john pearson, who has been a local shearer for 40 years, shearing GP 395.

pimbena poll merino stud wool

Above: wool from GP 395.

Fleece Weight - 7.1kg, 85mm @ 7 months wool